Electric sports cars from Europe

Most people have heard of the Tesla Roadster. However, the Americans are not the only ones developing electric sports cars. Here are two more from the other side of the Atlantic.

Monaco based Venturi first unveiled the Fetish at the 2004 Paris Motor Show. Since then the prototype Fetish has be traveling the world raising awareness of the capabilities of electric cars. Now Venturi are offering 25 hand built vehicles to exclusive customers for €297,000 + tax. Venturi are claiming the Fetish is the worlds first production electric sports car.

Venturi Fetish

The Lightning Car Company of Britain is developing a new GT style car. Powered by individual electric motors in each wheel hub, the power output of the car will be in the area of 700bhp. Each motor will produce peak torque of 750Nm, available from zero rpm.

The new GT will be offered in three different guises. The standard model will be the GT seen below, followed by lighter weight GTS and a longer range GTSE, the latter featuring extra battery packs designed to increase the driving range to 250 miles.

Lightning Car Company GT


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