Eden Energy to research biomass Hythane in China

Eden Energy has signed a research agreement with the Henan Agricultural University in China to explore the use of biomass as a base ingredient for production of their patented Hythane fuel.

Eden’s Executive Chairman, Mr Greg Solomon, explains the focus of the agreement:

The purpose of the Eden-Henan research agreement is to exploit the natural processes that esult in co-production of hydrogen and methane to make BioHythaneTM. a 100% renewable, hydrogen/methane fuel mix.

With Hythane poised as the transition fuel technology into an all hydrogen economy, the signing of this research agreement is strategic in Eden’s efforts to develop a suite of hydrogen based renewable fuels.

The research program will be headed by a Henan Associate Professor in biochemistry, Dr You Xi Feng, whose doctoral thesis concentrated on production of hydrogen from biomass. Professor You’s experimental studies – to be undertaken on Henan’s campus in the city of heng Zhou will focus on how to control process parameters. This will include the type or types of biomass used, bacterial cultures selection, temperature
and acidity levels, so that hydrogen (20% volume) and methane (80%) yields are
proportionate for bona fide Hythane. Eden will monitor the research through its wholly owned Colorado-based research and development subsidiary, The Hythane Company LLC.


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