Virgin train runs on biodiesel blend

Virgin Trains will run one of its Voyagers on a 20 percent biodiesel blend. The train is the first in Europe to use a blended fuel which can significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Virgin Voyager

The Virgin Trains trial is a major step in a UK biodiesel programme, conducted by Virgin Trains, the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) and the Rail Safety & Standards Board (RSSB), to pioneer a sustainable fuel breakthrough for the rail industry.

Sir Richard Branson explained how this can help reduce emissions:

This is a pioneering step we’re taking. If the trial is a success, and we believe it will be, and we can convert our Voyager fleet to run on B20 biodiesel we could cut our CO2 emissions by up to 14 percent. This means 34,500 tonnes less CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere each year, and is equivalent to taking 23,000 cars off the road. We’re starting with 20 percent biodiesel and hope to increase this amount to 100 percent in the future which would potentially see 100,000 cars off the road.

Get the full story here.


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