Case IH launch Biodiesel Ready logo

As we mentioned previously Case IH is committed to support the use of biodiesel blends across its equipment range. To support this Case IH have now launched a new labeling system to make it even easier to identify Biodiesel Ready equipment. The Case IH Biodiesel ReadyTM logo will be gradually phased in on advertising and promotional material in the coming months.

Biodiesel Ready logo

Case IH General Manager, Hylton Taylor, had the following to say about biodiesel:

There is a growing trend worldwide to use renewable fuels and as a global equipment manufacturer, Case IH is committed to supporting farmers in their use of biodiesel. Currently, we fully support the use of B5 blends in all of our engines, and the use of B20 in more than 90 per cent of our equipment. In addition nearly half of the models sold globally, including the flagship Axial-Flow® 8010 combine, are approved, following proper protocols, for 100 per cent biodiesel (B100).

The introduction of the Biodiesel Ready logo assists customers to easily identify biodiesel ready equipment. The three different variations of the logo designate if the equipment is B5, B20 or B100 compliant.

The leaf and oil drop logo design will be used globally, acting as a visual reminder of Case IH’s commitment to and support of the use of renewable fuels.

For information on the level of biofuel compatibility across the Case IH range of equipment, refer to the table below.

Case IH Biodiesel Ready table

*Some models in the range are approved to a higher level.


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