Vextrix Maxi electric scooter launched in Australia

The Advertiser reports today that the Vectrix Maxi, a large electric scooter that uses the electric equivalent of a 400cc engine, has been launched in Australia. In a previous post we alerted you to the existence of the Maxi. It appears the wait for Australians is now over.

The Vectrix is the first mid-sized motorcycle to use electric power and regenerative braking. The rider twists the throttle just like a normal motorcycle for acceleration and then twists it forward to slow down. Braking energy from deceleration is used to charge the nickel metal hydride batteries.

The Maxi is charged by simply connecting an on board power cable to any domestic 10 amp wall socket. An 80% charge takes about two hours. A full charge will take you 110km if ridden slowly and steadily. Range decreases if the throttle is used more aggressively.

According to the Vectrix Australia marketing manager, James McArthur, the Vectrix Maxi will cost $17,500. That’s a lot of money for a scooter but when you consider the technology involved and the fact that costs about one tenth the price of an equivalent petrol scooter to run it isn’t too bad.


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