Liquegas bringing LNG to Queensland

The Alternative Fuels in the Trucking Industry and Westport wins contract for LNG truck trial in Australia posts on this site are two of the most popular. It appears that a lot of people are interested in LNG as a transport fuel so when Australasian Bus and Coach report that Liquegas Energy will be building and operating Queensland’s first small-scale LNG plant we take notice.

The plant is to be located at Daandine, 32 kilometres west of Dalby in Queensland and will be produce 100 tonnes of LNG a day. It will come online in the first half of 2009 and will use gas produced from nearby coal seams as its feedstock. The LNG product will be transported by road to transport, industrial and power generation customers in Queensland and New South Wales where the LNG will be supplied to customers as LNG, CNG or natural gas.


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  1. Given the proposed development of the export of LNG from Gladstone,Queensland,what consideration,if any, has been given to making LNG available ,from Gladstone, for local consumption. Should this not be a consideration? Regards, Robert Beale

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