Hino hybrid truck completes 24hr trial

Hino’s hybrid truck has set a fuel economy standard of 10.9 litres/100km in a 24-hour endurance trial in Brisbane. The Hino Hybrid covered 512 kilometres of inner city driving as part of the Hino Hybrid Marathon, passing through 2349 traffic lights in an epic of stop-start motoring. It carried a 500kg payload, similar to that which would be utilised by many users, especially in the rental market.

Hino claims a fuel saving of 20 percent over conventional vehicles and a reduction in CO2 emissions of better than 25 percent. A new exhaust catchment and filtration system reduces particulate emissions by 85 percent. Hino Australia chief operating officer Steve Lotter says:

The hybrid system was designed to work to its maximum in stop-start urban conditions, and the marathon has proved its effectiveness.

More details in the Hino press release.

Update (21 May 07) –  The Hino Hybrid diesel-electric light-duty truck has won the Truck of the Show award at the 2007 Queensland Truck and Machinery Show.


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