A different view on global warming

The Great Global Warming Swindle is a UK Channel 4 documentary based on the views of some of the worlds prominent scientists. The scientists argue that global warming is due to increased solar activity and not CO2 emissions from human use of fossil fuels. They also highlight the massive industry that has sprung up around global warming and how a lot of scientists depend on funding created by that industry. While they are at it they have a dig at the Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change.

This program has not been shown in Australia. It was loaned to me from a friend at work but you can watch it online. For anyone interested in climate change and alternative fuels this is a must see. It may just change your view on all the political hype associated with global warming that we see and hear daily.

If the Great Global Warming Swindle ensures more research dollars go into the development of alternative fuels we see that as a good thing. After all, we’ve still got peak oil to address regardless of who’s right about global warming.


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