Australian fuel too dirty for next generation BMWs

From the Courier Mail:

BMW’S crusade to cut exhaust pollution and slash fuel consumption has taken an interesting twist with its diesel engine chief calling on oil companies and various governments to clean up their act.

Fritz Steinparzer, head of BMW’s four-cylinder diesel engine development which is about to flood the world market with oil-burners that make a mockery of so-called green petrol-electric hybrids, says oil company bosses are not doing enough to help in the race to curb emissions.

Australia is one of a few large car markets in the world (the most notable being North America) where legislators have been accused of failing to hasten the clean up of dirty fuels.

Currently diesel sold in Australia can contain up to 50 parts per million of sulphur compared to the less than 15ppm that European countries are bound by.

Although it has to be said that companies in Australia, such as BP, are already selling diesel with a maximum of 10 parts per million of sulphur, two years before any Australian legislation requiring them to do so comes into effect.

But because the cleaner fuels, diesel and petrol, are not mandatory here Australia will miss the latest generation of BMW high-precision petrol engines that reduce average consumption by up to 16 per cent.

The third generation of diesel engines led by the two-litre turbo units and a stunning twin turbo 335i engine are further examples of how the development of such engines has slashed fuel consumption and drastically reduced emissions.


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