So, who’s developing hybrid trucks?

A quick look around tells us the following manufactures either have hybrid trucks in development or better yet, have them on the market:

Volvo predicts that I-SAM hybrid trucks wearing the Volvo badge will be available for customers within a few years. The engine has been displayed at the Brisbane Truck Show.

Hino has a light/medium duty hybrid on sale in Australia.

Freightliner made this announcement in 2006. This press release by Eaton states that Freightliner and International will use Eaton’s hybrid power systems in 50 vans that were to be delivered to UPS in June 2006. We haven’t come across any news of hybrid systems in medium or heavy duty Freightliner products.

Kenworth sell their T270 medium duty hybrid in the US. A look over the Australian model list reveals the T270 is not available in Australia.

Peterbilt and Eaton are expecting to have a heavy-duty hybrid electric power system available in 2009. As Peterbilt trucks aren’t sold in Australia we can only hope the technology finds its way onto other PACCAR owned heavy duty truck manufacturers such as DAF or Kenworth.

If you know of any more truck manufacturers pursuing hybrid technology please leave a comment with the details and we’ll add them to the list.


2 Responses

  1. Australasian Bus and Coach have released the following article on the Hino hybrid today:

  2. Come and see “ARGOSY HYBRID” at the sydney truck show, 7,8 &9 of August at Homebush. Freightliner Argosy is a 90 ton road-train prime mover (truck/tractor in other countries). We have conversions for all types of vehicles. Check out the website,

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