Jay Leno’s 100 year old alternative fuel cars

American talk show host Jay Leno expresses his bemusement at today’s alternative fuel cars in this Popular Mechanics article. In his garage Jay has a Baker Electric car, Owen Magnetic and a Doble Steamer. All were in production prior to World War II.

This article has nothing to do with Australia but the technology in these alternative fuel cars is eye opening. The Baker Electric is still operating on the original batteries! The performance isn’t bad either with the Doble producing about 1000ft/lb of torque and having a top speed of 100mph! Makes you wonder what we’ve been doing all these years. Well worth a read.


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  1. See Electric Speeeeeeed!!! (http://www.mydd.com/story/2007/5/8/23292/61690) for an interesting history of the need for electric powered speed.

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