Electric Mini Cooper

The two most popular topics on this site are LNG use in heavy transport and homemade electric cars. So even though this story is from the US we’re bringing you another electric car conversion story. This time it is a nice new Mini Cooper converted by Hybrid Technologies.

Hybrid Technologies took a lithium-ion powered Mini Cooper to Popular Mechanics New York offices for a test drive (read the full story and watch the video) to show that electric cars are not cars of the future. The Mini is fitted with a 78kW electric motor, can get up to 200 miles on a charge and recharges in six to eight hours.

Hybrid Technologies is negotiating with several automakers to potentially make their lithium-ion powered motor just another power train option available through dealers. Right now in the US, Hybrid also creates electric versions of the Smart Car, Chrysler Crossfire and an assortment of scooters. Those interested in a four-seat vehicle can get an electrified PT Cruiser.


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