Victoria supports biofuel industry

As previously highlighted on Envirofuel biodiesel manufacturers in Australia are facing tough times. This articles from The Age at shows the Victorian Government is supporting biofuels projects.

Victoria’s biofuel industry will have access to a grants package totaling $5 million in a move the State Government hopes will create cleaner fuel alternatives and more regional jobs.

Regional and Rural Development Minister John Brumby announced the Biofuels Infrastructure Grants on Wednesday. “Biofuels have the potential to become a viable alternative fuel supply for petrol and diesel, providing environmental benefits in the form of improved urban air quality and reduced greenhouse gas emissions,” Mr Brumby said. “A viable biofuels industry also has enormous potential to create new jobs and investment particularly in regional and rural Victoria.”

The grants also are aimed at helping Victoria meet its five per cent biofuels target by 2010, Mr Brumby said. Biofuels projects in Victoria include the creation of biodiesel plants at Barnawatha, Swan Hill and Geelong, which are expected to generate more than 80 direct jobs and more than 160 indirect jobs between them.

The media release has more details.


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