Organic hydrogen power. No refuelling required!

A guy in the US called James Hunt may be onto something very big. James is 36 years old, a disabled veteran who served eight years in the US Navy, a jet mechanic and now a Carl Sandburg College student set to graduate in May. He believes his on-demand, hydrogen fuel generation system can save consumers thousands of dollars.

The hydrogen fuel generation system is the result of new technology being applied to an old idea. The result is a system that can replace your fuel tank, needs very little maintenance and uses LPG or CNG gas technology to feed your engine as much hydrogen as it needs. The patent is pending and interest is understandably high.

James said large-scale versions could be converted into power generation plants, eliminating the exorbitant cost residents currently pay for electricity, as well as offering substantial savings for fuel for vehicles of all kinds. Read more in the Register-Mail and listen to a podcast interview with James courtesy of the Lindberg Report.


4 Responses

  1. I was very amazed when I read the first two stories, now there are three other articles, and links to them all are in several websites in other countries as well.

    My only questions are these, now that hydrogen fuel cells cars are the next big thing and are currently ridiculously overpriced and not available to the public in general. Also these vehicles are extremely dangerous in concept (first of all there would be two highly pressurized massive tanks on your automobile one of them is filled with oxygen and the other one is filled with hydrogen) I can only begin to imagine the sheer magnitude of devastation this would cause if there were an accident. Let us face the facts there are hundreds of accidents a day.

    Why not use this mans system to power the fuel cells or furthermore instead of spending $95,000-$125,000 on a new fuel cell car, does it not seem kind of redundant to use fuel cells at all now, because his system produces enough hydrogen gas to power ordinary engines and is proven to work.
    By the way it really does work, just in case anyone doubts it. I had the pleasure of recently meeting this brilliant young man and I was thoroughly impressed with him. I have seen the video that he and his group displayed at Monmouth College during the Green Solutions Exposition; they were utterly fascinating video clips. I have been a University Physics Professor for almost twenty years now; I can assure you without a doubt he really is onto something with this invention.
    I have emailed him since then and asked him to sign me up on his waiting list. I will have all three of my vehicles ready to be fitted with his system, when he is ready to go into business.
    I would be willing to pay $5000 dollars for this kind of system. (He intends to market it for about $2000.) Just install the system in your car and forget the fuel cells and gas stations altogether.

    These are some fascinating articles about this young man who is the President of a college inventors club in a small town it is just amazing!

    This is the contact information printed on his brochure from the Green Solutions Exposition.

    James Hunt
    President and Founder of the CSC Inventors Club
    3000 log city trail
    Galesburg, IL

    Please check out these links…………Wow!

  2. I have been hoping for somthing like this to happen. I was praying to God for such a water fuel system to be made possible and it seems that the prayer is about to be answered. If you want this inventors life to be protected and guarded, then pray to God to make sure that his life is well protected and well guarded. I sure hope that James D Hunt succeeds in bringing his
    water fuel system in the market that makes it possible for any vehicle to run on water because I am extreamly sick and tired of paying high prices per gallon of gas.

  3. Hoax, several of the links were dead. Obviously, the editors have seen through the hoax and pulled their articals. Too bad they don’t come clean and tell the rest of us the truth. The college website has no reference to Hunt in the directory. No mention of this SPECTACULAR claim in any reputable site (seems the college is also aware of this hoax.).

    If its seems too good to be true, it is.

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