Alternative fuel motorcycles begin to appear

Motorcycles appear to be the last bastion of fossil fuel vehicles. This is most likely because those that aren’t designed for all out performance are quite economical. However, two companies are set to change all that in Australia. The first is Vectix, the US maker of a large scooter called the Maxi. The Maxi is battery powered and has impressive performance figures like a top speed of 100kph and a range of 110km at 40kph. At 0 – 80kph in 6.8 seconds it is no slouch either. While not for sale in Australia yet it shouldn’t be long before we begin seeing them on the roads.

The second, and more distant, is from Suzuki. The well known motorcycle manufacturer has signed a deal with Intelligent Energy to develop hydrogen fuel cell motorcycles. The Intelligent Energy press release says their hydrogen fuel cell systems are intended to become an integral part of Suzuki’s future motor products.


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