Westport wins contract for LNG truck trial in Australia

Westport Innovations, has announced their success in winning a $1.36 million contract under the Australian Government’s Alternative Fuels Conversion Programme (AFCP).

Westport Innovations Inc. a global leader in gaseous-fuelled power technologies, today announced the award of AUD1.36 million (C$1.27 million) from the Australian Government’s Alternative Fuels Conversion Programme (AFCP) for a project to evaluate the use of LNG as a fuel for heavy-duty highway trucks in Australia. Mitchell Corp., Sands Fridge Lines and Murray Goulburn Cooperative, who each operate large fleets of long-distance trucks, will acquire four new Kenworth T404SAR trucks powered by 2008 model Cummins 15-litre engines incorporating Westport’s LNG fuel technology. Emissions and performance tests will be performed to quantify greenhouse gas, noise, and regulated emissions benefits while demonstrating the performance and economic advantages of LNG in real world use in Australia.

The AFCP is designed to assist operators and manufacturers of heavy commercial vehicles and buses (>3.5 t GVM) to convert to Natural Gas or Liquefied Petroleum Gas. The programme provides grants to vehicle owners to offset costs of fuel conversions and upgrades and to purchase new vehicles. As previously announced on this site Mitchell Corporation are also involved in a CNG LNG trial involving UK company Clean Air Power. It is good to see more trucking companies thinking outside the square.


5 Responses

  1. I question that Mitchell – giving the distances traveled on their route – is able to attach enough CNG cylinders to their truck to get half way to the destination.
    I believe Mitchel is using LNG on trials right now, with dual fuel conversions supplied by Clean Air Power. Actually, all the companies listed as taking part in this Westport trial have been using LNG for several years on some of their vehicles.

  2. Cryoruggie,

    I’ll confirm with Clean Air Power (if they respond) and update the post as required.

    I find it interesting that this post is the one that draws the most traffic on the site. There is obviously a fair bit of interest in LNG from the transport industry. If you have any more information on LNG use let us know.


  3. For what it’s worth, I think Mitchel is going to equip 100+ trucks for LNG this coming year.

  4. Thanks for this information. I’m sure lots of people would be interested in hearing about the details so if you find out any more please let us know.


  5. Interesting comment about mitchells being able to carry enough gas to travel the distance required… The company I work for has a number of clean air power trucks as well as 1 Westport truck …the advantage of the cap system is that if you happen to run out of LNG the truck will automatticly run as normal on diesel…this also increases the potential distance the truck can travel before being refilled….the westport truck we have is a brilliant truck and is fantastic to drive on LNG but if any part of the system fails…….call a tow truck… Although we have had some teething issues with this truck it has proved to be a very good thing..other than the fact it cannot run on diesel alone

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