Saab BioPower on trial in Australia

Saab Australia has teamed with the Queensland Government to promote the use of ethanol powered vehicles by launching the Saab BioPower car on the Gold Coast on Wednesday. The UK sourced car will be assessed alongside the fossil fueled cars in the Queensland Government fleet.

The press release photo of the BioPower in front of a field of sugar cane says it all. Saab Australia are trying to find more markets for their alternative fuel vehicles. The Beattie Government is pushing to secure a new market for Queensland sugar cane growers through the promotion of ethanol use in fuel. Lets hope the combination of the two results in more alternative fuel options for Australian motorists.

Saab Australia are furthering their environmental credentials by joining the Greenfleet programme.

Beginning this year, Saab will purchase a one year ‘offset’ to Greenfleet for every new or demonstration Saab vehicle purchased, making Saab the first brand to offset its entire range.

Under the agreement Greenfleet will plant 17 native trees for each vehicle, which will absorb the greenhouse gas emissions produced by a car in one year.

While Australia struggles with the concept of running vehicles on ethanol blends the Swedish Government is making plans to eliminate Sweden’s dependency on oil by 2020. In 2006 Svenska Statiol reported a threefold increase in the consumption of E85 over 2005 consumption levels. They sold 19.5 million litres of the ethanol based fuel from 170 outlets. The increase has prompted Statoil to make E85 available from a further 90 outlets by the end of 2007.


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    General Motors Saab division got something new on its lineup of greener vehicles!

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