Toyota wedded to the hybrid?

You could easily be forgiven for thinking Toyota has committed to hybrid technology forsaking all others. The Prius gets a lot of publicity here and in the US where it seems to be the vehicle of choice for Hollywood celebrities trying to prove their environmental credentials and it sells well because buyers get tax credits for purchasing a fuel efficient vehicle.

It is interesting to note that Toyota market a three hybrids (Prius, Camry and Kluger) in the US under the Toyota badge and another three (LS600h, GS450h and RX400h) under the Lexus badge. In Australia we get the Prius and the Lexus GS450h and RX400.

This podcast indicates that Toyota have thought about alternative fuels but it is obvious, in America at least, Toyota are not going to rush into producing ethanol, compressed natural gas or biodiesel powered passenger vehicles. Like most other manufacturers Toyota have been working on fuel cell powered vehicles but that appears to be the limit of their alternative fuel activities.


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