Electric cars more promising than hydrogen

Alex Zaharov-Reutt over at Free Access certainly thinks electric cars are the future and that car manufacturers are focusing too much on trying to improve existing technology when they should be embracing electric car technology.

Electric drive trains are so much simpler than hybrids, fuel cells and internal combustion engines. You have to wonder whether the car manufacturers are developing overly complicated technologies so they can continue to use existing business models that rely on spare parts supply and regular maintenance. Electric cars don’t need oil changes or regular tune ups. Just imagine, the only reason you would need to take your electric car back to the dealer would be for warranty work or to replace worn out parts, presumably after a significant period of ownership.

The global car industry is already looking over its shoulder at China. If electric cars , with their combination of simpler drive trains and existing technology, became the norm then manufacturing efficiencies would be the primary profit source for manufacturers. It doesn’t take a great leap of faith to work out that China would be where most electric cars were made. Yet another reason for existing manufacturers to keep telling us we need more complicated technology.


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