New Australian alternative fuel technologies

Radio Australia’s Innovations program discusses converting plastic to diesel, hydrogen storage and converting methane to low emission energy with the Australians that are developing these promising technologies.

Listen to the podcast.

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2 Responses

  1. Hydrogen power has been used for years. Just check how long BMW have been working on it. Even now, I believe the figure is 100 of the 7 series BMW’s are being used by corporate and Govt executives around the world, so they are well ahead of the game.

  2. If we want clean green electric power for cars that’s great, but what is being done to produce more cheap electricity apart from the coal fired power stations?
    Only when this country wakes up and realises that the cheapest energy in the world is solar.
    If this government was really serious about saving money, cutting out greenhouse gases, then every house should be given rebates for solar water and electricity generation, and our huge unused continent could be covered with solar panels and wind farms to power every forseeable power use required. Of course it would be expensive to build, but there is so little on-going costs it is a no brainer. Yes bring on the electric cars, electric trucks, motor bikes etc etc etc but lets power them by that amazing God given free fuel source, the Sun!

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