Natural gas exports versus use in Australia

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources has the following to say about the Liquid Natural Gas industry in Australia:

Abundant gas resources have been identified in the North West Shelf Project area and the adjacent Gorgon fields, along with the Torosa/Calliance/Brecknock Fields, Bayu-Undan, Greater Sunrise, Scarborough and more recently, the Pluto, Ichthys and Io-Jansz Fields.

The LNG industry has the potential to attract up to A$30 billion in new project investment over the next 10 years, providing very large, long-term employment, economic and government revenue benefits.

With so much natural gas available in this country it is no wonder companies like Eden Energy Ltd are innovating and doing deals to supply heavily populated (polluted) countries with cleaner alternatives to diesel.

From ACNNewswire:

The agreement between Chennai-based Ashok Leyland and Perth-based and ASX-listed Eden Energy Ltd (ASX: EDE) provides a major opening for Eden’s patented hydrogen and Natural Gas fuel blend, Hythane(TM), to be introduced across tens of thousands of public transport vehicles in India. Ashok Leyland is the Indian flagship of the London-based trans-national Hinduja Group.

There is quite a lot of information coming out of India, Pakistan, China and the Philippines on the use of natural gas in their transport sectors to remedy serious pollution problems in large cities. When reading this information it is difficult to understand why Australia isn’t using more natural gas powered transport. While our cities aren’t suffering the same air pollution problems as those in Asia it seems illogical that we wouldn’t take advantage of a cleaner fuel that is readily available from our own resources. It is even more illogical when you read articles like this one from The Australian Greenhouse Office.

We can only think of three reasons why natural gas is not used much in Australia. Lack of awareness, cost and politics. Sounds like a good subject for another post. If you know of natural gas users in the Australian transport sector please let us all know.


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  1. […] breakthrough adds to Eden’s announcement in December last year (covered here) that it had secured a 10-year agreement with the large bus and heavy transport group, […]

  2. Why not add a levy to the gas exports which could be used to offset the rising cost of crud oil imports,as it would seem we are being held to ransome by the oil cartels.?

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